National Puzzle Day

Amazing puzzle in this National Puzzle day!

January 29 is the National Puzzle Day. First Of All Happy International Puzzle Day. Yes, you can indeed do puzzles any day, anytime but you get more enthusiasm on the day which is celebrated all over the nation for puzzles. No matter whether it’s a brain teaser, trivia, crossword, word searching or jigsaw puzzle, every puzzle puts your mind to work more. National Puzzle Day is a non-official holiday and makes people do their favourite puzzles. Do you want to exercise your brain a little more? Well! then do it by solving a puzzle.

In this upcoming holiday do not discriminate either or if you are new to puzzles, then try your hand. Many people love doing jigsaw puzzles in this particular day and some enjoy math and word puzzles. You can simply enjoy any puzzle you want to enjoy because the goal of this holiday is not to carp on what constitutes a puzzle but to have as much fun as anyone can with all the advantages that a puzzle offers.

According to some of the experts when somebody works on jigsaw puzzles and other such puzzles, they use both sides of their brain that helps in enhancing memory along with the cognitive function as well as the problem-solving issues.

History of National Puzzle Day

Well! One of the biggest puzzles is who started the puzzle day? Is it game enthusiasts or a teacher or some scientists or maybe a bored parent? Till now it’s not clear who created puzzles and it is still an enigma. History is a bit clear. It goes back to the time when civilization started. The time when languages were invented human being started designing puzzle games. With every passing year’s different types of word puzzles, logic games and different kinds of puzzles started developing by human beings.

One exception is a jigsaw puzzle, which is not as old. It was invented in the mid-eighteenth century in the year 1760. It was invented when the mapmakers break their map into different pieces of wood and then cut this into small pieces of wood.

John Spilsbury, who was a British engraver as well as a cartographer, first mounted a map on the wood sheet and then he sawed each country outline on the map. Then these were used by the children’s for learning geography. John Spilsbury was given the credit to inventing the first jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle is one of the most popular types of puzzle.

After this puzzle became very popular among the public, jigsaw puzzle became one of the important teaching material. One of the biggest puzzles was made by German game company Ravens burger and the smallest puzzle was made by Laser Zentrum. The smallest puzzle was only 5 sq mm which is about the size of a sand grain.

During the early 20th century, magazines and some newspapers found out that they can easily enhance their readership through puzzle contest and started crosswords and now in modern days the Sudoku.

Did You Know…

That the world’s first crossword was published on December 21, 1913, in the Sunday newspaper, New York World? The mystery was made by journalist Arthur Wayne.

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National puzzle day 2020

A question for all readers, a day which is all about solving problems and is one of the best but no official holidays in the year? Of course, it’s National Puzzle Day.

How to celebrate national puzzle day?

January 29th is celebrated as National Puzzle Day. Even though it is not an official holiday but still there are plenty of reasons to cheer around a bit. If you have still not kept some time to celebrate this day, then have a look at some of the best ways to celebrate this fun day.

Ways to enjoy the National Puzzle day

Ways to enjoy the National Puzzle day

Family puzzle night: Jigsaw Puzzles I one of the fantastic ways and activity where the whole family can get involved. They are one of the best ways where everyone on the family can come together and slow down the pace of the hectic life. If you wish to plan for a puzzle night, then there are few ways you can do it. One of the options is you can pick one puzzle and everyone can work on it. fyou can pick our best puzzle for free and celebrate with us.

In this way, every person can easily go through their method of solving and make a major contribution to the whole puzzle. Or on the other hand, each person can be even a different puzzle so that they have their own and individual challenge to solve. Each member of the family can pass the night in their own pace or else can pass it over to the other member, if they want to change.

Add spice to your puzzle night by planning for a themed puzzle night. Like for instance you can send the whole day at the beach and plan for a beach puzzle at night. Or else you can plan for a puzzle involving a favourite movie character. After all, are done with the puzzle everybody can watch the movie together.

Make a challenging puzzle night: Sometimes people get comfortable with certain kinds of puzzle level. It becomes quite challenging when you don’t have to plan on how to put something together and it is quite frustrating when they don’t have an idea of how to finish the puzzle. National puzzle day is one of the perfect excuses to take a step up in your jigsaw puzzle. You can take either one step or three-four steps more. If you have been doing a 500 piece puzzle, then you can start exploring the 1000 piece puzzle. If you also require help for solving them you can check out for tips and techniques for solving the puzzles.

Accumulate and frame your puzzle on that day: Everybody loves the process of purring the puzzle together, and you can appreciate the work y deciding to preserve it and hang it by framing it. There are many amazing pieces of puzzles which when brought together can make a good display like the beautiful pieces of Americana, wonderful Thomas Kinkade landscapes and many more. The whole process of mounting and puzzle framing is quite easy that requires a trip to a local hardware store. You just need craft glue, frame and some foam board.

Give yourself a treat: Puzzles are simply fantastic and make a unique gift that can be enjoyed several times. But with a special day for that, you get an excuse to treat yourself or your near and dear ones with something amazing. There are varieties of puzzles that you can select from with several themes as well. On that day stores also give huge discounts on puzzles. You can spend some time by appreciating some of the classic puzzles from Nostalgia collection, or you can involve yourself in some Animal puzzles if you have an extreme love for creatures.

No matter how you want to celebrate the day, you must celebrate it and give a boost to your brain! are looking for different way of to celebrate national puzzle day 

National puzzle day fun facts

There is nothing that can be compared to a good puzzle. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a 1000 piece puzzle or simple a Sudoku in your local newspaper, it is one of the greatest ways to put your mind into work and sharpen your mind. Puzzles are surely fun and highly relevant for adults but at the same time, it is one of the most important tools for development for toddlers, young children and the preschoolers. In this National Puzzle Day, on January 29 take out some time to think and plan how you can introduce more and more puzzles in your kid’s life.

Many scientific studies have found out that when somebody works on a Jigsaw puzzle, it used both sides of his brain. They are fin as well as challenging but at the same time it helps in enhancing the brain-boosting like cognitive thinking, issue solving, language, logic and also enhances your memory. It also

  • Enhances concentration
  • Increases creativity
  • More alertness
  • Decreases the breathing and heart rates along with blood pressure.

Along with this one of the most important facts about the puzzle is it is a vital way to learn, connect with others and have some fun with those people whom you love to be with!

National puzzle day ideas

National puzzle day ideas

National Puzzle Day is on 29 January which means a whole day of having some brain-boosting fun. All over the nation, people spend this day by working on different kinds of puzzles and in many places some events are also held for celebrating. Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate this day:

  • Solve a puzzle that has remained unsolved for many days: One of the most simple as well as a classic idea to honour this day of the puzzle is by participating in some kind of fun. You can spend the whole day solving some puzzle that has remained pending since long. Or else you can search for some crosswords and other such quizzes that are found in the newspaper. For more fun, you can dig out some of the old puzzles or old jigsaw puzzle when you were a kid. Are you worried that you don’t have any puzzles in your had, then you can do it by downloading some apps that offer you to play Sudoku, crosswords and puzzle game in your Smartphone?
  • Go to a puzzle themed event Most of the libraries host some puzzle themed events along with many other puzzle celebrations on National puzzle day. You can check your local library along with some of the museums to check where the best events are conducted.
  • Go to a puzzle museum: If you are residing in a place where there is a puzzle museum, then visit it on this day.
  • Make your puzzle: This is an option for those who wish to be creative. There is no other way to challenge yourself on this day. You can utilize an online tool for making simple word findings if you have kids or if you want to be fancy then you can go for the jigsaw puzzle. One of the simplest ways is by taking a photo and cutting it into the various piece and then outing it together.

National Puzzle Day activities

Now have a look at some of the National Puzzle day activities that can make your creative as well as give you some fun.

  • Spend some quality time with jigsaw puzzle: Do you have a very old puzzle that is still not completed and is lying around? Call some friends and spend some quality time together by solving this puzzle. Some extra points and prizes for solving the puzzle.
  • Complete a Sudoku: In a coffee break also you can take out some handy crossword puzzle or even the Sudoku booklet.
  • Use it on social media: Are you feeling very much accomplished after completing your Jigsaw, crossword or the Sudoku puzzle? Then you can share it in your online community that will certainly help people in joining to have some fun.Why National Puzzle Day?

Why National Puzzle Day?

The entry of the huge digital entertainment has made the puzzle to fall wayside. But National Puzzle day is one of the good chances when you can go back to basics. So, just solve a jigsaw, do a crossword or bring a Rubik’s cube to solve. Every year on January 29 celebrate this day. This unofficial holiday honours puzzles of all kinds like riddles, math, mechanical, word puzzles, science etc. If you are thinking why puzzles are given so much importance, then have a look at some of the potential reasons:

  • It helps in developing skills: The puzzles are problems that are little complicated to solve and may sometime require some special skills to solve it. They can simply take varied forms and put emphasize on various expertise. Like the crosswords and anagrams helps in testing a person vocabulary and language skills. Some of the games like Sudoku and Rubik cube helps in testing the player logical thinking and mathematical skills. Jigsaw helps developing patience and visual skills.
  • Highly beneficial for health: In addition to entertainment and some fun, the puzzles offer health and social benefits as well mainly in early childhood. The collaborative puzzles assist kids in learning how to work together and also learn spatial and issue solving skills. In adults, doing puzzles helps in increasing brain activity. It also enhances creativity as well as concentration. It increases memory as well.

Along with all these benefits, some of the studies have proved that people participating in puzzles and other such collaborative games have a high level of happiness and also it offers them a sense of relaxation. It gives them a sense of accomplishment when a difficult puzzle is done.

So, by now you must have understood why the puzzle is given so much importance and why you must celebrate National Puzzle Day!

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Different Types of Puzzle

There are many types of Puzzle you can find on the internet, but the most common Puzzle among all are Sudoko, Jigsaw, Word puzzle and many more. but there are few which is being known by the category of the Puzzle few are as follow

Puzzle by Piece Count

Puzzle By Theme

Puzzle By Artist

Why People Love National Puzzle Day

It Brings Happiness

  1. Recent studies have shown that those who take part in collaborative matches, like puzzles, have higher levels of happiness, and in certain instances, relaxation, as a result of the good old’ style fun. A challenging jigsaw puzzle undoubtedly brings out that feeling of pleasure.

It makes us feel like a sense of accomplishment

  1. Not just in a personal touch, but at a group feel. That feeling of completing the final few pieces of the puzzle with your best friends = priceless.

It’s a way of stimulating the mind.

  1. Puzzles stimulate the brain, improving amount and problem-solving kills while still maintaining it busy.

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Past, Present And Future Dates Of National Puzzle Day

Year Weekday Date Name
2019 Tue 29-Jan Puzzle Day
2020 Wed 29-Jan Puzzle Day
2021 Fri 29-Jan Puzzle Day
2022 Sat 29-Jan Puzzle Day
2023 Sun 29-Jan Puzzle Day
2024 Mon 29-Jan Puzzle Day
2025 Wed 29-Jan Puzzle Day
2026 Thu 29-Jan Puzzle Day
2027 Fri 29-Jan Puzzle Day
2028 Sat 29-Jan Puzzle Day







Solving Puzzle Helps in

This is Little Old School But Solving Puzzle, Jigsaw or Rubix Cube helps you in

Develops Skills

Puzzles are problems that are difficult to fix or require special skills to resolve. They can take a variety of forms and emphasize different experience. For instance, crosswords, word search, and anagrams put a person’s language and abilities using a language to test. Jigsaws develop patience and visual abilities.

Beneficial to Health

In addition to being fun and entertaining, puzzles have different health and societal advantages, especially in early youth. Collaborative puzzles help children learn to work together while studying other spatial, engine, and problem-solving abilities. Studies have revealed that performing puzzles can help to enhance brain activity in adults. It also increases creativity and concentration, and it improves memory.

Final Verdict

Enjoy National Puzzle day with your closest ones. We Have Images, Picture, Clipart and Quotes too. Do Check It Out And Share with your friends and relatives. Do not forget to check out the Top 10 Hardest Puzzle