Best puzzle games for android and apple

Kids and elders are engaged in the digital games much nowadays. It is literally affecting their mental level. But the trends of digitalization lead to use the androids and apple much. Those kids who spend lots of hours on using androids to play games get affected much. Now in this case, what they can do is, they can search for the mind puzzle games. Puzzle games can be proven good for the working of mind. Even, it furnishes the mind and makes it sharp. These games stimulate the nervous system of body; act like as the brain teasers. In order to keep the brain run healthy, it is important to play all these mind teaser games. We are spending a lot of time on internet, then why can’t we choose online brain teasers game. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we have shared a list of best puzzle games for android and apple, every game lover should consider to play. So let’s us get started.

Kinds of puzzles:

Most of the people think that brain teaser puzzle games are all about finding the pieces of puzzle, and fix it in the jigsaw. But actually, this is not the truth. There are different types of puzzle games, which is available to play for the kids as well as for elders also. The puzzle games can relate to the riddles, pattern guessing, math puzzles, and logical games. There are different kinds of brain teaser games are available to play. Here is the list of best puzzle games is mentioned for android and apple to play. Read on, and improve the ability of your brain.

Brain it on

Brain it on is an application, which is used to challenge the brain for different things. When you will use the application, you will find that how these simplest looking games can be proven so challenging to your brain. The game can be played in horizontal manner. In the application, you will find numbers of levels to reach, which boost up the mental strength. There is nothing much you have to do for playing the game in the application. You just need to open the app, and then click on the first level to get started. When you will clear the levels, the level of difficulty will also start increasing. The best thing about the application is, it has simple UI. Sometimes, we cannot understand the puzzle, and for that, we have to take the hints. To take the hints in this application, you have to watch the ads.

Monument Valley

Monument valley is a kind of video brain teaser game. In this game, you have to take the character to clear the levels, and reach at the destinations. If anyone is looking for the puzzle games for refreshment, Monument valley is something must to come in the list. To get started in the game, you have to solve a puzzle also, so that the main game can get started. It is really fun to play the game. But, along with so many interesting thing; there is one thing which can make people to not choose the game to play. The issue it, it is a paid game. There are many people, who are looking for the free games to play. That is why; they do not choose the game to play.

Two Dots

Two dots brain teaser game is also very much interesting. The game is all about moving around the two dots, which is present on the application. In the game, you have to take the dots to meet each other in such a way, the connection can make between them. When you open the application, then you will find the two dots to solve the puzzle. After making connection in between those two dots, the main game gets started. You will get the first level after making connection of the game. When you solve the first level of the game, eventually, it will take you to the next levels of the game. The game is literally very much engaging to play. But the issue with the game is, it can lag sometimes.

Escape Game

In the escape game, you have to look on the things presented on the screen. This brain teaser is a kind of storyline. A girl come to let you know about the game, and after that you can start playing over it. You will get some hints also to clear the game. The hints will help you to move ahead in the game with ease.

In the first level, you have to collect the given numbers of things. Escape room brain teaser game is proven to be the best game for the adults. Kids can also play the brain teaser to make their brain stronger.

These are the games kids and adults must try to sharpen their brain. There are many other best puzzle games for android and apple is available. So, if you want to try something new, you can go for that also. 

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