Best puzzles for Alzheimer’s patients to play this Puzzle Day

Puzzles are always have been fun, interesting and brain nurturing game for kids and adults also. It is a good way to engage kids for hours. It is one of the best ways to spare our leisure time with family or alone. We play puzzles at family gatherings, picnics or just to have fun with family and friends.

A puzzle is almost a culture for a few families from today’s society. It is an interesting and brainstorming way to kill some time or to spend quality time with our close ones. But there are other benefits of puzzles. I’m talking about the psychological effects of puzzles. Basically, puzzles are about solving typical problems and it helps to increase the response rate to new information within our brain.

Through the journey of a game, it increases the power of thinking and focusing on a person. Puzzles are always an innovative way to exercise with our brain cells. Puzzles make us focus for a long time regardless of time and the outer world. It is proven by various universities that puzzles help to increase memory and decrease risks of neurological breakdown.

Studies say that it helps patients with Alzheimer’s to recover fast. Today we are talking about the best puzzle for Alzheimer’s Patients. There are many of them like playing cards, The UNO, The Chess, The Crossword Puzzles, Puzzle games for computer, etc. but we are gonna take the best one out of all. The best puzzle game of all time to help Alzheimer’s and prevent memory loss.

It’s not a typical puzzle game we can find in Kid’s stores but a vintage one that is available to almost everyone who reads the newspaper. Yes, you got it right! We are talking about The Crossword puzzles that come within various newspapers. It has been an interesting brain exercise for many among us but recent studies say that It is one of the best puzzles for the patients of Alzheimer’s.

Reportedly there is a huge amount of Medical universities who tried The crosswords puzzle game as a cure for the patients of Alzheimer’s and 80% of the patients increased memory power. To finish this game we not only need focusing power to solve Crossroad Puzzles but we also need to memorize words at the same time.

Studies say that throughout a game of Crosswords our brain accelerates the memory power and losing memory is the main problem for the patients of Alzheimer’s. Reportedly, researchers from various medical colleges found that Crossword puzzles slow down the loss of memory and making it a daily habit increases memory. They have also said that the habit of solving Crosswords from an early age can genuinely prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

We all know That Alziemers’ is one of the deadliest diseases today and threatening our society with its effects. It is killing a huge amount of people every year and the rate is increasing rapidly. Studies say that after Cancer Alzheimers’ is one of the most dangerous diseases to take a huge amount of life. Reportedly medical bills regarding Alzheimers’ are crossing billions of dollars in the U.S. It became a huge threat for humanity after cancer and we need am effective way to prevent it.

Researchers also say that to solve a crossword puzzle we need intense focus and concentration. The crossword puzzle has an ability to engage people effectively regardless of age and it’s so addictive that if some-one starts playing they don’t want to stop until they finish it and throughout the process, the brain exercise happens.

We need to dig down harder in our memory lane to play crosswords as sometime it becomes hard but seems easy at first look. It is such an interesting game that often we don’t realize how deep we are into The Game and we keep on playing. Studies say that people who play The Crossword Puzzle on a daily basis rarely tend to lose memory even at a very old age.

Researchers demand that playing The crossword is an effective and affordable way to regain memory and prevent neurological diseases such an Alzheimers’. So various psychologists and medical colleges are suggesting to make it a habit from an early age to reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s at old age.

 Crosswords are found in almost every newspaper and it’s the cheapest puzzle we can get. Almost every family from today’s society buys newspaper on daily basis or reads. So this is one of the best available ways to get such a puzzle-like The Crosswords. Though there are many puzzle books, block puzzles and other games for Alzheimer’s’ but we have found Crosswords the effective and easy way to fight against  Alzheimer’s’. So Play Crosswords every day and prevent one of the dangerous neurological diseases called The Alzheimers’.

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