Best Puzzles Activities For Kids

Puzzle games will develop your skills, knowledge, improves your concentration, problem-solving skills and cognitive ability to all age groups of people. Especially, puzzles play a vital role in students’ and adults’ journey on the journey of education.

Reason for playing puzzle games

  • Puzzles will improve your intelligence quotient in several fields. It will force you to think and need to take appropriate steps in the game. While playing the puzzle, the player needs to use their general knowledge, memory, spatial imagery, logic, and problem-solving skills.
  • It will improve your cognitive ability. Enhance the visualizing skill and understanding capability to the kids. Because in the years of 3-10 age kids are only get attention in colors, shapes, numbers, words like that. So, every child will like existing things such as number train puzzles, mixed up puzzle sensory bin play, rainbow rice alphabet puzzle, truck puzzles, and much more interesting puzzles.
  • Improves your concentration power. It will help to increase the attention to solve a brainteaser.
  • The main goal of solving any problem is to get a solution to the problem. With the help of problem-solving skills, they learn patience, determination and how to break complex problems with easy techniques and methods.
  • Obviously, increase your social skills. While playing with your partner or friends, you can learn how to coordinate, share, lead and follow each and every step in the game. It also offers a great platform to deal with frustrations.
  • Puzzles will improve your productivity level in all fields. It provides a way of memorizing, grasping, learning content in the subject. Hence, students can able to clearly understand the concept easily and more effectively.

List of top puzzles games for kids

  • The toddler is the best puzzles for kids. Great way to educate your baby, which will be helpful to your kid’s development of matching, tactile and fine motor skills. It is suitable for preschool and kindergarten kids. Your baby wants to drag and drop the blocks.
  • The wooden bug-catching puzzle game is a garden full of attractive bugs and insects. Such as magnetic butterfly net to capture, bug buddies from the game board. Adorable artwork of eye-catching colors. The pictures will encourage matching skills.
  • The instrument sound puzzle is getting attention from the kids. Like music, sound, the light sensor will improve your children’s hear a sound. A kid-friendly instrument for any kind of children. It will be helpful in playing independently with other needs.
  • Color and shape wooden block sorter makes learning powerful and fun. It can be used to the age of 18 months and grown-up kids. Made of non-toxic finishes and kids can play safely with this material.
  • Jungle animal block puzzle is available in the market. you can teach the types of animals, like wild and domestic animals to your kids. They use blocks for stacking and building. The kid can easily find the hidden animals within the colorful blocks.
  • Classic hardware learning toys can build tons of new skills from identifying colors, numbers shapes to developing their logical skills.
  • Wooden peg puzzles strengthen the hand and eye coordination, fine-motor, and problem-solving skills. It is crafted with Baltic birch plywood and hardwood. And finishes are non-toxic since safer to children.
  • Alphabet block puzzle has letters, which will be multitasking wooden alphabet blocks and you can build words and towers using the letters.
  • Sea wooden jigsaw puzzle has some sea specious like starfish, jellyfish with colorful ocean life. They can discover the fascinating underwater scene and providing a stable play surface to kids. And it will be more easy to handle and store.
  • Tangram pattern block puzzles contain small toys that increase the education geometric puzzle and patter block games for kids.

Some of the best puzzle games application for mobiles

  •  Monument Valley is a puzzle video game that will increase your brain function and reach the destination. This game is interesting because it is a 3D setting and more fun to play.
  • Two dots are a puzzle game that moves around the two dots that will be presented on the application. You have to connect the dots they can meet each other and the connection between the two points is formed. Once the process completed, then you need to start from the first level of the game.
  • Brain It is an amazing puzzle to challenge your brain. You have to choose the plain canvas while playing the game.
  • Escape game is another type of puzzle. This game has a storyline in that a girl will introduce the concept of the game, then you follow those steps in the game. It will improve your narrative knowledge and you can find the hidden things form the gaming strategy.
  • Move the bloc is the classic sliding puzzles required to slide the object to win the puzzle. It has a number of levels such as basic, premium, and old categories in that each level coming with sub-levels.

Choose puzzle app for android

Puzzle app is the best brain-training app that comes under the category of games. Many of them love to play games, which related to brains. There are many people is who are all in the craze with puzzle games. Choosing a puzzle app for gaming purposes lets you have a good working memory and cognitive controls. While playing puzzle games daily it makes you train your brain to the peak. The concentration power may increase by playing brain-training games from the puzzle app.

The puzzle apps are available for android so that it is very easy to download. Smartphones control unique opportunities for puzzle game developers. Having a puzzle app is suited for devices so that you can play it whenever you get a few minutes. If you are looking to train, your brain, Download puzzle app. The puzzle app gives you a colourful and relaxing puzzle game so that you can play it with colourful minds. This game is simple to play and easy to download with no cost to your android device. As this game is available in android, it is possible to download from the google play stores. 

Benefits of downloading puzzle app for androids

Today’s generation androids play a major role for all entertainment purposes like apps, games, music, videos, etc. when it comes to entertainment puzzle apps is an easy app, so you can download it with no pay of cost to the google play stores. There are many benefits on downloading puzzle app to your android device 

  • Educate yourself: Education also involves developing skills in research. By downloading puzzles to your android device, you can improve your ability in concentration and creativity. Puzzle apps educate both adults as well as children. 
  • It improves IQ: research says that solving puzzles improves your IQ. The puzzle helps to force the users to solve and think. It also helps you to use general knowledge, memory, and problem-solving skills. The intellect sharpens by learning how to overcome challenges. 
  • It Improves concentration: Puzzle helps to increase attention span in both adults as well as children. By varying the difficulty level of challenge, the level of required concentration will control. This makes the difficulties to push the brain to concentrate harder. 
  • It improves problem-solving skills: the goal of playing a puzzle is to find the solution. It also helps to improve the critical thinking ability of the individuals. The child or adults learn to solve the big problems into smaller. This helps to boosts the confidence level of the child.
  • It improves productivity: solving the problems in puzzles considered the more interesting to increase the productivity level. Whenever we play a mind relating games, the concepts were learned easily and subconsciously. 

The game is a way of seeking entertainment, so the puzzle app not only entertains; it also helps the ability to learn and grow intelligently. 

Best android puzzle app 2020

There are some best puzzle games available for android 2020, choosing this makes you the best learner, thinker, and a creator. Choosing this may also lead to solving many problems in life like a puzzle game? 

  • Colourful chaos is a famous puzzle game that is an easy and relaxing puzzle game, which has simple features fantastic puzzles. It has a three-game of tile swapping, and each game flips the tiles to match the colours. This game is simply nice and easy to play. It also has to lay basic principles gradually presenting you with a more complex puzzle. In this app, there are 120 puzzles included with no limits. This game does not contain any add in-between while playing. It is easily available in google play store for android users. 
  1. Solitaire with a puzzling twist 
  • solitaire is an excellent mash-up puzzle game with classic puzzle solitaire. It has a title swapping gameplay by adding more card tricks from solitaire games. You need to set up a row with the right sequence of the cleared card, which is satisfying. You need to be strategic about card placement because it is easy to box yourself in. you can be given a discard pile that can use twice before.
  1. Connect the dots 
  • All the puzzles, this is also the best one in the entertainment. This game is highly addictive. You have two different dots simple to learn and difficult to master. It is the most popular dot game which as many dots of the same colour. It has 900+ levels to work. The first ten levels are the tutorial, once you have completed the first two levels two dots offer a linear adventure of sorts after that you will unlock a new level mode called expedition. This will comes once when you reach level 35. 

For creating good skills and presence of mind in thinking, download the best puzzle app for androids. 

Best gifts for Puzzle lovers on National Puzzle day!

National Puzzle Day Image

Puzzle day is near on 29th January. Thousands of kids and elders are there, who love puzzles a lot. On the puzzle day, you can gift them puzzle to make them feel happier. If you are thinks to gift something to the puzzle lovers, don’t worry. We can help you out in sorting your issue. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we will help in let you know about the best gift for puzzle lovers on National Puzzle day. Before you gift something to the puzzle lovers, make sure to be aware from the passion of the lover in solving the puzzles. On the National Puzzle day, you can gift them a new interesting puzzle to solve. To decide the right puzzles to gift, make sure to choose the right one. There are different types of puzzles are available in market, so better is to make selection for the one, which will be loved by the lover. So let us get started.

Best gift items for Puzzle Lovers

  • Dimensional Puzzle – Spherical Stackable Puzzle Game   

When it comes to gift a puzzle to the puzzle lovers, dimensional puzzle is in great demand. The fun in solving the 3D puzzle is literally enthusiastic. The Dimension Puzzle game can be played with family, and everyone can enjoy the game at home. So gifting a dimension puzzle game to the one who has family is a good idea.

  • Brain game and puzzle

It is important to do some brain activities to keep in sharpen. In the young age, focusing on brain activities is must to be done. It is the growing time period of brain, and working on it in young age is a better idea. If the puzzle lover is a brain teaser also, then gifting the puzzle book is a great idea for them. The puzzle lover will definitely like the book, because with the help of the book, he can learn different things.

  • Sudoku Puzzle   

Sudoku is an old game, which is played by the 90s kids also. But, the fact about this puzzle game is that, it is something really interesting for the puzzle lovers to be played. Sudoku is a challenging game. Puzzle lovers usually have the challenging nature. That is why; Sudoku is the right suitable game for the puzzle lovers. You can take a book of Sudoku Puzzle, in which different types of games are mentioned from simple, to medium to hard.

  • Wooden Logic Brain Teaser puzzle  

The wooden logical puzzle game will surely make the puzzle lover to use his brain to solve it. The wooden logical Brain Teaser game will help in let the brain run faster and appropriately. It is one of the best gifts for puzzle lovers on National puzzle day to give.

  • Adult coloring (Creative coloring puzzle games)  

In the list of gift items gift to the puzzle lovers, adult coloring has attained a great attention. For the passionate puzzle lovers, you can gift them the adult coloring puzzle. You will find very complicated color filling in this puzzle, which usually loved by the puzzle lovers. If your loved ones is in love with adult coloring, then gifting this item will be proven best for them.

  • The LSAT logic puzzle game

If any puzzle lover is in confidence for solving any kind of puzzle, gift them the LSAT logic puzzle game. There are many puzzle lovers, who think that they can solve any kind of puzzle. They want something harder, or you can say, they want big challenge in their puzzle world. So better is to gift them the LSAT logic puzzle game. The LSAT logic puzzle game is very much challenging to be solved. It is not like the original puzzles, so if you will gift them the game, it will be the best gift to offer them.

Is puzzle is the only gift to give?

There are many people who think that, the puzzle lovers already have so many puzzles, so why to gift puzzles again to them. They think to gift them something different from puzzles, so that they can explore something new. But do you know, how much the puzzles are beneficial to solve for brain. No doubt, if you know the puzzle lover from close, you know about their likes and dislikes, you can choose something else. But in case, you are not aware from their choices, choose a challenging puzzle to gift them.

Final Words:

The demonstrated details mentioned above can help you to decide the best gifts for puzzle lovers on National Puzzle day to give. There are many other types of puzzles are also available. So, it is totally up to you, what kind of puzzle games you want to gift to the puzzle lover.  

Puzzle for mental fitness!

National Puzzle Day Image

People are using androids and IOS much today, rather than focusing on the other curriculum activities. If you think that, puzzles can be replaced by android and IOS easily, then leave the thought process. Android and IOS will not help you that much, as the puzzles can do for you. No doubt, in the cell phones, you can get to know about different essential information. But, have you thought about sharpening the brain. Your brain requires to sharp up, so that you can live a comfortable and easy life. The hectic lifestyle cause mental issues. If an individual will play the brain teaser puzzle games, then it will help in sharpening the brain, plus boost up the mental strength.

Complete your regular working, stay with your routine, but try to bring some time to play brain teasers also. You can play the puzzle games with your family. If it is not possible, you can take out some time, and can play the puzzle games on your mobile phones also. Playing the brain teasers will really help in boosting the strength of brain. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we will let you know about the puzzles for mental fitness. So keep reading to know, how the brain teasers can be proven beneficial for an individual.

Benefits of puzzle for brain:

Puzzle educates

Education helps in increasing the knowledge and skills of the brain. Even, with the help of education, the kids can develop research skills also. Your language, spelling, and reasoning ability will also get increased. Now you might think; how the puzzles contribute in education. By solving the puzzles, the students can increase their mental strength in logical manner. In puzzles, the students have to think, how to come at the solution of the questions. In this way, you can learn how to find the solutions, which helps to get educated.

Improvement in IQ

If you solve the puzzles, it helps in improving the level of IQ. IQ states for Intelligence quotient. IQ level is helpful at solving the situations, and find the right solutions of the problems. The IQ level can be increase when the brain gets forced for something. Same goes with puzzles. Solving puzzles make the brain to be forced for using their skills, knowledge. They use their memory, logics and practical knowledge to solve the puzzle. The force put on the brain makes the IQ level get increased. The intellectuality of your brain boost up; and it makes an individual to learn, how to deal with the challenges to find solution.   

Improve the cognitive ability

With the help of the puzzles, it helps in dealing with the problems. When you solve the puzzles, it allows you to understand the concepts of the puzzles. With the usage of the games, you will understand how to solve the things. There are many advanced level of puzzles are also available, by which the cognitive ability can really boost up much.

Helps in improving the concentration power

Concentration is must to have in life. If you are good t concentration, that means you have a good level of patience. If you want to solve any puzzle, it requires concentration to be completed. One has to control on their mind, so that it can be solved within time. As the difficulty level of the puzzle will get increased, at the very same time, the concentration power will also get boost up. The increased level of puzzles requires you to work harder, and concentrate more on the game. When you concentrate more on game, then it will automatically increase the level of concentration of your brain.

Improve the skills of solving the questions

In the phase of children life, it is necessary for an individual to learn the motor skills. Puzzles are made to grasp different things. When the children grasp those objects, they learn about different things. The learning process of those things helps in boosting up the motor skills of kids.

Puzzles affect the social skills also

There are many puzzles, which involves partners to play. When an individual play the puzzle with partners, it makes them to coordinate for the game. Playing with partner improve the social skills in an individual. It makes his to learn, how to talk with others, how to coordinate with others, and how to behave. This way, the puzzles for mental fitness helps in improving the social skills also.

Final Words:

Puzzles have lots of benefits for the players. The demonstrated benefits above are not enough. There are many other benefits of solving puzzles. Puzzles do have many varieties also. There are jigsaw puzzle, math puzzles, and different others, which helps in improving the mental health of the players. Due to digitalization, kids pay a close attention to the gadgets. To solve the issue, you can install different puzzles for mental fitness in android, so that their brain gets sharpen up.  

Best puzzle games for android and apple

National Puzzle Day Image

Kids and elders are engaged in the digital games much nowadays. It is literally affecting their mental level. But the trends of digitalization lead to use the androids and apple much. Those kids who spend lots of hours on using androids to play games get affected much. Now in this case, what they can do is, they can search for the mind puzzle games. Puzzle games can be proven good for the working of mind. Even, it furnishes the mind and makes it sharp. These games stimulate the nervous system of body; act like as the brain teasers. In order to keep the brain run healthy, it is important to play all these mind teaser games. We are spending a lot of time on internet, then why can’t we choose online brain teasers game. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we have shared a list of best puzzle games for android and apple, every game lover should consider to play. So let’s us get started.

Kinds of puzzles:

Most of the people think that brain teaser puzzle games are all about finding the pieces of puzzle, and fix it in the jigsaw. But actually, this is not the truth. There are different types of puzzle games, which is available to play for the kids as well as for elders also. The puzzle games can relate to the riddles, pattern guessing, math puzzles, and logical games. There are different kinds of brain teaser games are available to play. Here is the list of best puzzle games is mentioned for android and apple to play. Read on, and improve the ability of your brain.

Brain it on

Brain it on is an application, which is used to challenge the brain for different things. When you will use the application, you will find that how these simplest looking games can be proven so challenging to your brain. The game can be played in horizontal manner. In the application, you will find numbers of levels to reach, which boost up the mental strength. There is nothing much you have to do for playing the game in the application. You just need to open the app, and then click on the first level to get started. When you will clear the levels, the level of difficulty will also start increasing. The best thing about the application is, it has simple UI. Sometimes, we cannot understand the puzzle, and for that, we have to take the hints. To take the hints in this application, you have to watch the ads.

Monument Valley

Monument valley is a kind of video brain teaser game. In this game, you have to take the character to clear the levels, and reach at the destinations. If anyone is looking for the puzzle games for refreshment, Monument valley is something must to come in the list. To get started in the game, you have to solve a puzzle also, so that the main game can get started. It is really fun to play the game. But, along with so many interesting thing; there is one thing which can make people to not choose the game to play. The issue it, it is a paid game. There are many people, who are looking for the free games to play. That is why; they do not choose the game to play.

Two Dots

Two dots brain teaser game is also very much interesting. The game is all about moving around the two dots, which is present on the application. In the game, you have to take the dots to meet each other in such a way, the connection can make between them. When you open the application, then you will find the two dots to solve the puzzle. After making connection in between those two dots, the main game gets started. You will get the first level after making connection of the game. When you solve the first level of the game, eventually, it will take you to the next levels of the game. The game is literally very much engaging to play. But the issue with the game is, it can lag sometimes.

Escape Game

In the escape game, you have to look on the things presented on the screen. This brain teaser is a kind of storyline. A girl come to let you know about the game, and after that you can start playing over it. You will get some hints also to clear the game. The hints will help you to move ahead in the game with ease.

In the first level, you have to collect the given numbers of things. Escape room brain teaser game is proven to be the best game for the adults. Kids can also play the brain teaser to make their brain stronger.

These are the games kids and adults must try to sharpen their brain. There are many other best puzzle games for android and apple is available. So, if you want to try something new, you can go for that also.