What are the benefits of puzzles? What does doing a puzzle does to your brain? (Importance of national puzzle day)

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Digitalization made to get into it for hours full stop there are several digital gadgets available in market in which kids are playing video games and performing other activities which are not beneficial for them. Using the digital gadgets for many hours can cause severe problem to their brain. If you want your kids and for yourself to get your brain sharpen, why don’t you try puzzles. Puzzles can help in enhancing your brain activeness and makes it more powerful. If you do not have time to play a board puzzle games then don’t worry. There are many puzzle games available on internet which you can install and play it on your digital gadgets.

There are many kids who are getting into the digital gadgets much. For them also you can find many puzzle games so that their brain can get strong. There are many parents who think that playing puzzles on digital gadgets can harm their kid’s brain. But that’s not true. Puzzles can be proven really beneficial for one’s mind. With the help of playing puzzles you can sharpen your brain. In the forthcoming paragraphs we will break down the benefits of playing puzzles. we will also declare what puzzles can do for your brain. Besides all these things we will discuss about the importance of national puzzle day also. So let us get started.

Benefits of playing puzzles:

Make new friends

Different types of puzzles are available such as Jigsaw puzzle digital puzzles, and many more. There are many puzzles in which you require a partner to play. Sometimes there are a few puzzles in which you require a proper team to solve it. Now in this case what you have to do is you have to make coordination with your partner’s to solve the puzzles in appropriate manner. By playing these kinds of partner puzzles and team puzzles you will understand how to behave how to co-ordinate with each other. By this way you can make new friends also. This will help in improving your social skills.

Improve mood

Playing puzzle is good for your health. It can help in enhancing your mental strength. But, it will help in making your mood also happier. Playing puzzles can help in increasing the production of dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps in boosting up the feelings of optimism in body Doberman can affect the memory motivation and concentration also and you solve any puzzle it helps in increasing the production of dopamine after winning on the puzzle it helps to charge up your mood and make you feel like you are in heaven.

What it does for brain?

Playing puzzles do not only helps in making your mood fresh but also helps in boosting up the strength of brain. It can enhance the ability of your brain. If you want to know how puzzles can help in strengthening your brain read the below mentioned points:

Lowers down the stress level

Playing puzzles can help in reducing the level of stress of mind. When you play puzzles it releases the dopamine which makes you feel better. After feeling good your brain starts working in better way. by playing puzzles it helps to relax your body. It has the ability to make a deeper connection with your brain full stop when the persons get connected with your brain it makes it work.

Boosting up the memory

Do you know how much it is beneficial for you to play puzzles? Puzzles helps in boosting your memory. When you play puzzles you have to cross many levels. As you clear the first level, the other levels start getting increased.

Helps in improving the IQ level

It is mentioned in a research that puzzles helps in improving the level of IQ of Mind. IQ level can be increased when the mind get forced because of something. When your brain force to solve something it makes the thinking power better puzzles helps the brain to think and find out the reasons why the things are getting messed up. When your brain thinks about solving something it automatically increase the IQ level of mind.

Why puzzle day is important?

National puzzle day is on 29th January it is very important to celebrate the national puzzle day because puzzles brought many changes in people’s lives puzzles help in dealing with a few of the mental disorders. Plus it helps in boosting up the mental activeness and strength.

Hope you understood why puzzles are so important to play. The demonstrated details mentioned above are clearly displaying that how much effectual the puzzles are for the mind of people full stops. Now play puzzles, and improve the mental strength of mind.

Best puzzles for Alzheimer’s patients to play this Puzzle Day

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Puzzles are always have been fun, interesting and brain nurturing game for kids and adults also. It is a good way to engage kids for hours. It is one of the best ways to spare our leisure time with family or alone. We play puzzles at family gatherings, picnics or just to have fun with family and friends.

A puzzle is almost a culture for a few families from today’s society. It is an interesting and brainstorming way to kill some time or to spend quality time with our close ones. But there are other benefits of puzzles. I’m talking about the psychological effects of puzzles. Basically, puzzles are about solving typical problems and it helps to increase the response rate to new information within our brain.

Through the journey of a game, it increases the power of thinking and focusing on a person. Puzzles are always an innovative way to exercise with our brain cells. Puzzles make us focus for a long time regardless of time and the outer world. It is proven by various universities that puzzles help to increase memory and decrease risks of neurological breakdown.

Studies say that it helps patients with Alzheimer’s to recover fast. Today we are talking about the best puzzle for Alzheimer’s Patients. There are many of them like playing cards, The UNO, The Chess, The Crossword Puzzles, Puzzle games for computer, etc. but we are gonna take the best one out of all. The best puzzle game of all time to help Alzheimer’s and prevent memory loss.

It’s not a typical puzzle game we can find in Kid’s stores but a vintage one that is available to almost everyone who reads the newspaper. Yes, you got it right! We are talking about The Crossword puzzles that come within various newspapers. It has been an interesting brain exercise for many among us but recent studies say that It is one of the best puzzles for the patients of Alzheimer’s.

Reportedly there is a huge amount of Medical universities who tried The crosswords puzzle game as a cure for the patients of Alzheimer’s and 80% of the patients increased memory power. To finish this game we not only need focusing power to solve Crossroad Puzzles but we also need to memorize words at the same time.

Studies say that throughout a game of Crosswords our brain accelerates the memory power and losing memory is the main problem for the patients of Alzheimer’s. Reportedly, researchers from various medical colleges found that Crossword puzzles slow down the loss of memory and making it a daily habit increases memory. They have also said that the habit of solving Crosswords from an early age can genuinely prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

We all know That Alziemers’ is one of the deadliest diseases today and threatening our society with its effects. It is killing a huge amount of people every year and the rate is increasing rapidly. Studies say that after Cancer Alzheimers’ is one of the most dangerous diseases to take a huge amount of life. Reportedly medical bills regarding Alzheimers’ are crossing billions of dollars in the U.S. It became a huge threat for humanity after cancer and we need am effective way to prevent it.

Researchers also say that to solve a crossword puzzle we need intense focus and concentration. The crossword puzzle has an ability to engage people effectively regardless of age and it’s so addictive that if some-one starts playing they don’t want to stop until they finish it and throughout the process, the brain exercise happens.

We need to dig down harder in our memory lane to play crosswords as sometime it becomes hard but seems easy at first look. It is such an interesting game that often we don’t realize how deep we are into The Game and we keep on playing. Studies say that people who play The Crossword Puzzle on a daily basis rarely tend to lose memory even at a very old age.

Researchers demand that playing The crossword is an effective and affordable way to regain memory and prevent neurological diseases such an Alzheimers’. So various psychologists and medical colleges are suggesting to make it a habit from an early age to reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s at old age.

 Crosswords are found in almost every newspaper and it’s the cheapest puzzle we can get. Almost every family from today’s society buys newspaper on daily basis or reads. So this is one of the best available ways to get such a puzzle-like The Crosswords. Though there are many puzzle books, block puzzles and other games for Alzheimer’s’ but we have found Crosswords the effective and easy way to fight against  Alzheimer’s’. So Play Crosswords every day and prevent one of the dangerous neurological diseases called The Alzheimers’.

Popular five entertaining puzzles!

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There are numerous types of puzzle games available nowadays, like mathematics puzzles, logic puzzles, pattern guessing, cryptic riddle, word puzzles, etc. These games can be played offline and online. We are herewith, mentioning top popular puzzles among people for which some are obsessed to play.

1.Sudoku :

Sudoku is a common puzzle game, plays by all- understanding age groups. It is the most popular and loving game that came into existence in the 19th century. Initially, it came only onto the pages of newspapers and interestingly to the modern world, it still comes daily in the newspaper.

As we know, most games are available online today. Likewise, Sudoku can also be played online through certain App or sites on the internet.

It is also called a “number place game” which consists of hexagon cell box of 9*9 grid lines, vertically and horizontally. You have to fill numbers coming between 1 to 9. Numbers must not be repetitive and one must note that the bold square forming into the whole grid box, should also contain numbers from 1 to 9 unrepeatable.


The second one, I am talking about is Cicada, “cicada 3301”. It was first witnessed in the year 2012, which you can say, recently developed!

Let me tell you guys, it is a game which is not at all easy! Despite that, people love to play and make an attempt to this tough play game, to check over their intelligence Quotient.

It is a sort of enigmatic or you can say the cryptic type of puzzle game, which is played on the internet. One has to possess mindful skills because clues given in this game, are so unclear that you have to crack it. Clues are given regarding Anglo Saxon rules which leads you to the real existing locations. It flashes you an online encrypted message that you have to decode first! And for that, you need the assistance of software to crack it down. People employ the well-designed “Steganography” software for decoding purposes. Players will get certain instructions with an image of the cicada to get on to the next level or step of the game. This is how the game continues and goes on.

3. Can you crack it:

It is also an online game that you can play through a certain website or app on your Android phone.

This is one of the brainstorming puzzle games where you will find endless challenges to be in the game. It is mostly a strategic and analytical game because you have to organize the available information systematically and wisely.

This game gives you the challenge to find three correct numbers, from five riddles to unlock each key and thereby get the scores. Only three numbers are correct to open the key. Once you can unlock the code you can proceed over the game and yes, for your ease, you can surely get the help of Google also, in case, you are unable to crack the exact and correct code.

One should understand that it is an intriguing puzzle game that is hard from cicada as mentioned above.

4. Rubik’s cube:

It was invented by Erno Rubik, a Hungarian Architect. This game came into the picture in 1974. It’s quite an old game but no matter, yet popular!

It is a mathematical puzzle game, that will enhance your diverse thinking and logical reasoning. Moreover, you need to rely on your lateral thinking ability rather than just calculation.

First, get yourself familiarize with this game so that possibly you can solve it all. Solving the first face of Rubik’s cube is relatively easier but after that, players get stuck. This cube comprises colorful pieces of the centerpiece, edges 12 and corner 8. The game is finished once you assemble each side of the cube (sides of a different color) with the same color (each 9 piece side with the same color). And, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

You can play this game starting analyzing its edges and then a corner. Be clear that the side colors are matching the side center colors.

You should play strategically and use algorithms because it contains certain configurations too. But remember, you should not always memorize algorithms, just follow your instincts!


The last, among popular puzzle games, is The Pyraminx. It came out in the year 1971 which was invented by Uwe Meffert, from Germany.

It is the most demanding puzzle cube game after the launch and success of the Rubik cube. It will be interesting to know that it is the second best selling puzzle in the world.

The Pyraminx is a tetrahedron in a shape structure. It is also a brain therapy puzzle that comprises three layers, four triangular faces, and nine identical smaller triangles. It is always the small pieces that make the big picture and for this game particularly, I want to mention that once you get on this puzzle! you can’t get off. Though you have to be relentlessly persistent and master your intellectual skills and abilities. Once you experience this game, you will find it all together challenging, addicting, fun, and educational.


There are other unique and entertaining puzzle games available online which one can play according to their skills and interests. So, this is how you can utilize your leisure time playing such fun games and offer challenging exercise to your brain.

Free Puzzle

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FREE Puzzles — In honour of National Puzzle Day, throughout January we’ll be offering absolutely free puzzles for your taking. It seems almost too good to be true. However, it is not! If you love a fantastic mind winding moment, then be sure that you check back here to find out all of the latest downloads available.

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How Do I Play also?

Obviously, we would like you to have a fantastic time with family and friends, so don’t be afraid to share these fascinating puzzles as you desire. We’ll be adding the various puzzles so return and play them whenever you’ve got a moment!

What’s the ideal age for the completely free puzzles?

Fantastic for children, adults, classrooms & even classes. Totally free puzzles are only an excellent way to unwind, love and sharpen your thoughts abilities. In the event the puzzles are too complicated, no sweat, try out another one? Too simple? May we point out it is because you’re so smart that it was not a large enough challenge? (Do try some other.)

Can I discuss those National Puzzle Day free puzzles with other people?

Additionally, you can forward the PDF to coworkers, family and friends so that they can play also. Nonetheless, these puzzles can not be marketed, put to a publication or set (electronically or on paper) without written consent.

Easy-peasy The National Puzzle Day creator, Jodi Jill, has assembled all of the puzzles which are being published. As a founder of distinct word matches, she has opted to put a ton of problems for individuals to enjoy in their leisure.

As a syndicated Knowledge provider, most of us assume she will be putting up a number of her very best puzzles to discuss. Imagine if I do not need to wait for the Free Puzzles?

If you’re itching to begin playing, can we recommend that you download it and play it with friends family and relatives



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