Puzzle for mental fitness!

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People are using androids and IOS much today, rather than focusing on the other curriculum activities. If you think that, puzzles can be replaced by android and IOS easily, then leave the thought process. Android and IOS will not help you that much, as the puzzles can do for you. No doubt, in the cell phones, you can get to know about different essential information. But, have you thought about sharpening the brain. Your brain requires to sharp up, so that you can live a comfortable and easy life. The hectic lifestyle cause mental issues. If an individual will play the brain teaser puzzle games, then it will help in sharpening the brain, plus boost up the mental strength.

Complete your regular working, stay with your routine, but try to bring some time to play brain teasers also. You can play the puzzle games with your family. If it is not possible, you can take out some time, and can play the puzzle games on your mobile phones also. Playing the brain teasers will really help in boosting the strength of brain. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we will let you know about the puzzles for mental fitness. So keep reading to know, how the brain teasers can be proven beneficial for an individual.

Benefits of puzzle for brain:

Puzzle educates

Education helps in increasing the knowledge and skills of the brain. Even, with the help of education, the kids can develop research skills also. Your language, spelling, and reasoning ability will also get increased. Now you might think; how the puzzles contribute in education. By solving the puzzles, the students can increase their mental strength in logical manner. In puzzles, the students have to think, how to come at the solution of the questions. In this way, you can learn how to find the solutions, which helps to get educated.

Improvement in IQ

If you solve the puzzles, it helps in improving the level of IQ. IQ states for Intelligence quotient. IQ level is helpful at solving the situations, and find the right solutions of the problems. The IQ level can be increase when the brain gets forced for something. Same goes with puzzles. Solving puzzles make the brain to be forced for using their skills, knowledge. They use their memory, logics and practical knowledge to solve the puzzle. The force put on the brain makes the IQ level get increased. The intellectuality of your brain boost up; and it makes an individual to learn, how to deal with the challenges to find solution.   

Improve the cognitive ability

With the help of the puzzles, it helps in dealing with the problems. When you solve the puzzles, it allows you to understand the concepts of the puzzles. With the usage of the games, you will understand how to solve the things. There are many advanced level of puzzles are also available, by which the cognitive ability can really boost up much.

Helps in improving the concentration power

Concentration is must to have in life. If you are good t concentration, that means you have a good level of patience. If you want to solve any puzzle, it requires concentration to be completed. One has to control on their mind, so that it can be solved within time. As the difficulty level of the puzzle will get increased, at the very same time, the concentration power will also get boost up. The increased level of puzzles requires you to work harder, and concentrate more on the game. When you concentrate more on game, then it will automatically increase the level of concentration of your brain.

Improve the skills of solving the questions

In the phase of children life, it is necessary for an individual to learn the motor skills. Puzzles are made to grasp different things. When the children grasp those objects, they learn about different things. The learning process of those things helps in boosting up the motor skills of kids.

Puzzles affect the social skills also

There are many puzzles, which involves partners to play. When an individual play the puzzle with partners, it makes them to coordinate for the game. Playing with partner improve the social skills in an individual. It makes his to learn, how to talk with others, how to coordinate with others, and how to behave. This way, the puzzles for mental fitness helps in improving the social skills also.

Final Words:

Puzzles have lots of benefits for the players. The demonstrated benefits above are not enough. There are many other benefits of solving puzzles. Puzzles do have many varieties also. There are jigsaw puzzle, math puzzles, and different others, which helps in improving the mental health of the players. Due to digitalization, kids pay a close attention to the gadgets. To solve the issue, you can install different puzzles for mental fitness in android, so that their brain gets sharpen up.  

Best puzzle games for android and apple

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Kids and elders are engaged in the digital games much nowadays. It is literally affecting their mental level. But the trends of digitalization lead to use the androids and apple much. Those kids who spend lots of hours on using androids to play games get affected much. Now in this case, what they can do is, they can search for the mind puzzle games. Puzzle games can be proven good for the working of mind. Even, it furnishes the mind and makes it sharp. These games stimulate the nervous system of body; act like as the brain teasers. In order to keep the brain run healthy, it is important to play all these mind teaser games. We are spending a lot of time on internet, then why can’t we choose online brain teasers game. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we have shared a list of best puzzle games for android and apple, every game lover should consider to play. So let’s us get started.

Kinds of puzzles:

Most of the people think that brain teaser puzzle games are all about finding the pieces of puzzle, and fix it in the jigsaw. But actually, this is not the truth. There are different types of puzzle games, which is available to play for the kids as well as for elders also. The puzzle games can relate to the riddles, pattern guessing, math puzzles, and logical games. There are different kinds of brain teaser games are available to play. Here is the list of best puzzle games is mentioned for android and apple to play. Read on, and improve the ability of your brain.

Brain it on

Brain it on is an application, which is used to challenge the brain for different things. When you will use the application, you will find that how these simplest looking games can be proven so challenging to your brain. The game can be played in horizontal manner. In the application, you will find numbers of levels to reach, which boost up the mental strength. There is nothing much you have to do for playing the game in the application. You just need to open the app, and then click on the first level to get started. When you will clear the levels, the level of difficulty will also start increasing. The best thing about the application is, it has simple UI. Sometimes, we cannot understand the puzzle, and for that, we have to take the hints. To take the hints in this application, you have to watch the ads.

Monument Valley

Monument valley is a kind of video brain teaser game. In this game, you have to take the character to clear the levels, and reach at the destinations. If anyone is looking for the puzzle games for refreshment, Monument valley is something must to come in the list. To get started in the game, you have to solve a puzzle also, so that the main game can get started. It is really fun to play the game. But, along with so many interesting thing; there is one thing which can make people to not choose the game to play. The issue it, it is a paid game. There are many people, who are looking for the free games to play. That is why; they do not choose the game to play.

Two Dots

Two dots brain teaser game is also very much interesting. The game is all about moving around the two dots, which is present on the application. In the game, you have to take the dots to meet each other in such a way, the connection can make between them. When you open the application, then you will find the two dots to solve the puzzle. After making connection in between those two dots, the main game gets started. You will get the first level after making connection of the game. When you solve the first level of the game, eventually, it will take you to the next levels of the game. The game is literally very much engaging to play. But the issue with the game is, it can lag sometimes.

Escape Game

In the escape game, you have to look on the things presented on the screen. This brain teaser is a kind of storyline. A girl come to let you know about the game, and after that you can start playing over it. You will get some hints also to clear the game. The hints will help you to move ahead in the game with ease.

In the first level, you have to collect the given numbers of things. Escape room brain teaser game is proven to be the best game for the adults. Kids can also play the brain teaser to make their brain stronger.

These are the games kids and adults must try to sharpen their brain. There are many other best puzzle games for android and apple is available. So, if you want to try something new, you can go for that also. 

What are the benefits of puzzles? What does doing a puzzle does to your brain? (Importance of national puzzle day)

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Digitalization made to get into it for hours full stop there are several digital gadgets available in market in which kids are playing video games and performing other activities which are not beneficial for them. Using the digital gadgets for many hours can cause severe problem to their brain. If you want your kids and for yourself to get your brain sharpen, why don’t you try puzzles. Puzzles can help in enhancing your brain activeness and makes it more powerful. If you do not have time to play a board puzzle games then don’t worry. There are many puzzle games available on internet which you can install and play it on your digital gadgets.

There are many kids who are getting into the digital gadgets much. For them also you can find many puzzle games so that their brain can get strong. There are many parents who think that playing puzzles on digital gadgets can harm their kid’s brain. But that’s not true. Puzzles can be proven really beneficial for one’s mind. With the help of playing puzzles you can sharpen your brain. In the forthcoming paragraphs we will break down the benefits of playing puzzles. we will also declare what puzzles can do for your brain. Besides all these things we will discuss about the importance of national puzzle day also. So let us get started.

Benefits of playing puzzles:

Make new friends

Different types of puzzles are available such as Jigsaw puzzle digital puzzles, and many more. There are many puzzles in which you require a partner to play. Sometimes there are a few puzzles in which you require a proper team to solve it. Now in this case what you have to do is you have to make coordination with your partner’s to solve the puzzles in appropriate manner. By playing these kinds of partner puzzles and team puzzles you will understand how to behave how to co-ordinate with each other. By this way you can make new friends also. This will help in improving your social skills.

Improve mood

Playing puzzle is good for your health. It can help in enhancing your mental strength. But, it will help in making your mood also happier. Playing puzzles can help in increasing the production of dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps in boosting up the feelings of optimism in body Doberman can affect the memory motivation and concentration also and you solve any puzzle it helps in increasing the production of dopamine after winning on the puzzle it helps to charge up your mood and make you feel like you are in heaven.

What it does for brain?

Playing puzzles do not only helps in making your mood fresh but also helps in boosting up the strength of brain. It can enhance the ability of your brain. If you want to know how puzzles can help in strengthening your brain read the below mentioned points:

Lowers down the stress level

Playing puzzles can help in reducing the level of stress of mind. When you play puzzles it releases the dopamine which makes you feel better. After feeling good your brain starts working in better way. by playing puzzles it helps to relax your body. It has the ability to make a deeper connection with your brain full stop when the persons get connected with your brain it makes it work.

Boosting up the memory

Do you know how much it is beneficial for you to play puzzles? Puzzles helps in boosting your memory. When you play puzzles you have to cross many levels. As you clear the first level, the other levels start getting increased.

Helps in improving the IQ level

It is mentioned in a research that puzzles helps in improving the level of IQ of Mind. IQ level can be increased when the mind get forced because of something. When your brain force to solve something it makes the thinking power better puzzles helps the brain to think and find out the reasons why the things are getting messed up. When your brain thinks about solving something it automatically increase the IQ level of mind.

Why puzzle day is important?

National puzzle day is on 29th January it is very important to celebrate the national puzzle day because puzzles brought many changes in people’s lives puzzles help in dealing with a few of the mental disorders. Plus it helps in boosting up the mental activeness and strength.

Hope you understood why puzzles are so important to play. The demonstrated details mentioned above are clearly displaying that how much effectual the puzzles are for the mind of people full stops. Now play puzzles, and improve the mental strength of mind.

Best puzzles for Alzheimer’s patients to play this Puzzle Day

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Puzzles are always have been fun, interesting and brain nurturing game for kids and adults also. It is a good way to engage kids for hours. It is one of the best ways to spare our leisure time with family or alone. We play puzzles at family gatherings, picnics or just to have fun with family and friends.

A puzzle is almost a culture for a few families from today’s society. It is an interesting and brainstorming way to kill some time or to spend quality time with our close ones. But there are other benefits of puzzles. I’m talking about the psychological effects of puzzles. Basically, puzzles are about solving typical problems and it helps to increase the response rate to new information within our brain.

Through the journey of a game, it increases the power of thinking and focusing on a person. Puzzles are always an innovative way to exercise with our brain cells. Puzzles make us focus for a long time regardless of time and the outer world. It is proven by various universities that puzzles help to increase memory and decrease risks of neurological breakdown.

Studies say that it helps patients with Alzheimer’s to recover fast. Today we are talking about the best puzzle for Alzheimer’s Patients. There are many of them like playing cards, The UNO, The Chess, The Crossword Puzzles, Puzzle games for computer, etc. but we are gonna take the best one out of all. The best puzzle game of all time to help Alzheimer’s and prevent memory loss.

It’s not a typical puzzle game we can find in Kid’s stores but a vintage one that is available to almost everyone who reads the newspaper. Yes, you got it right! We are talking about The Crossword puzzles that come within various newspapers. It has been an interesting brain exercise for many among us but recent studies say that It is one of the best puzzles for the patients of Alzheimer’s.

Reportedly there is a huge amount of Medical universities who tried The crosswords puzzle game as a cure for the patients of Alzheimer’s and 80% of the patients increased memory power. To finish this game we not only need focusing power to solve Crossroad Puzzles but we also need to memorize words at the same time.

Studies say that throughout a game of Crosswords our brain accelerates the memory power and losing memory is the main problem for the patients of Alzheimer’s. Reportedly, researchers from various medical colleges found that Crossword puzzles slow down the loss of memory and making it a daily habit increases memory. They have also said that the habit of solving Crosswords from an early age can genuinely prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

We all know That Alziemers’ is one of the deadliest diseases today and threatening our society with its effects. It is killing a huge amount of people every year and the rate is increasing rapidly. Studies say that after Cancer Alzheimers’ is one of the most dangerous diseases to take a huge amount of life. Reportedly medical bills regarding Alzheimers’ are crossing billions of dollars in the U.S. It became a huge threat for humanity after cancer and we need am effective way to prevent it.

Researchers also say that to solve a crossword puzzle we need intense focus and concentration. The crossword puzzle has an ability to engage people effectively regardless of age and it’s so addictive that if some-one starts playing they don’t want to stop until they finish it and throughout the process, the brain exercise happens.

We need to dig down harder in our memory lane to play crosswords as sometime it becomes hard but seems easy at first look. It is such an interesting game that often we don’t realize how deep we are into The Game and we keep on playing. Studies say that people who play The Crossword Puzzle on a daily basis rarely tend to lose memory even at a very old age.

Researchers demand that playing The crossword is an effective and affordable way to regain memory and prevent neurological diseases such an Alzheimers’. So various psychologists and medical colleges are suggesting to make it a habit from an early age to reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s at old age.

 Crosswords are found in almost every newspaper and it’s the cheapest puzzle we can get. Almost every family from today’s society buys newspaper on daily basis or reads. So this is one of the best available ways to get such a puzzle-like The Crosswords. Though there are many puzzle books, block puzzles and other games for Alzheimer’s’ but we have found Crosswords the effective and easy way to fight against  Alzheimer’s’. So Play Crosswords every day and prevent one of the dangerous neurological diseases called The Alzheimers’.

What are the best puzzle applications?


Nowadays digitalization has taken a lot of space in people’s life. Either elder for kids everyone is getting into digital gadgets for many hours. Due to getting into digitalized gadgets their mental strength is reducing day by day. Even they are too much addicted to those digital gadgets. It is hard to get out from the addiction of digital gadgets. But with the help of digital gadgets you can stop the strength of mind. Are you surprised how it is possible to strengthen Your Mind from digital gadgets? Yes it is possible to strengthen your mind from the digital gadgets. You can install puzzle games in your digital gadgets. Puzzle games will help to enhance the strength of mind. Plus it will help you to get into the mental activities in proper manner. There are numerous puzzle applications are available on internet.  To know about those puzzle applications you can read the forthcoming paragraph written below. In the information break down below you will get to know about different puzzle applications which you can install in your mobile phones and can play. So let us get started.

Puzzle applications:

Move the block

Move the block is the sliding puzzle game in which the player has to set the blocks in the right manner when you will start the level first of your game There are several options given to use so that you can understand how to play the game the options given to you in the first level of the game will help in let you play the game with ease. The game is really very much interesting. As you will move forward in the game the levels become more difficult if an individual will start playing the game he will definitely get addicted towards it. The game is so exciting that an individual won’t let him stop plays it. You will get daily rewards by playing the games on regular basis. There is one issue in playing the game which is that when you will play the game you have to watch videos to take hints. One more thing you have to face while playing the game. During the game play you have to watch ads because of that it may be interrupt you for influential game play.


Have you heard about skills? Skillz is a very interesting puzzle game which force your brain to think over different activities. It makes the brain to work a little harder to come to one solution. it puts your brain into a good use. If you want to play single game then you can go for it. But if you want to play in a team then skillz offer you for that also. You cannot play the next level of skills until you pass on the first level you have to pass the initial ones to reach to the next upcoming labels. If you are not satisfied with your performance in previous level then you can reply the game again. In the skillz puzzle game you have to find out letters and numbers to pass levels. The game is made to test the speed and brain power if you will play the skills puzzle game it will make the brain work faster and fluently.

Jigsaw Puzzles Real

On the off chance that you haven’t played a jigsaw baffle, have you at any point played a riddle by any stretch of the imagination? One of the great riddle rounds ever, the name of the game is sufficient to be extraordinary compared to other free online jigsaw confuses.

The game follows the basic procedure of joining the riddle pieces and shaping a solitary picture. The application gives you different choices to browse: be it pictures identified with nature, creatures, aeronautical, and some more and you can pick the ones you like and orchestrate the jigsaw bewilder.

Smart: Brain Games and Logic puzzles

Among the different riddle game applications, Smart is a game that incorporates a few cerebrum mysteries and rationale astounds, allowing us a chance to play free riddles.

The game has different shading coded levels (Blue, Violet, Gold) and different levels (Left and Right, Block Game, and Pipeline), each level accompanying heaps of sub-levels for you to appreciate the riddle creator. Generally, Smart is an enjoyment game to play and rates you in regions, for example, memory, creative mind, critical thinking, adaptability, speed, and consideration, with the goal that you in the end improve in the zones. Moreover, you procure focuses and jewels each time you cross a level.

There are many other puzzle games available on internet. You can download them, and can play to boost up the performance of your brain. But make sure, you won’t spend much time with these puzzle games, otherwise, you will get addicted towards it.