Best puzzles for Dementia patients to play this Puzzle Day

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Dementia is a delicate short-term or sometimes, long-term memory loss condition. A dementia patient is liable to lose its ability relevant to judgment, reasoning, behavior, language, and other mental activities. Defining simple, dementia is a condition where one can easily forget about things, incidents or elements, whether significant or insignificant for our life. Sources and researches reveal that dementia is nearly incurable. However, it can be controlled to a certain level through some effective steps. These steps consume mental energy to help it function properly.

Various activities limits dementia to a certain level. One of these activities include solving puzzles. Solving puzzles boosts and increments the mental ability and protects the mind from dementia and similar age-related mental disorders. While solving puzzles, our entire brain including its nerves is involved. Eventually, solving puzzles provides comfort and potentially stimulates the brain making it active. Thus, the performance of our spatial, visual and cognitive abilities are improved. Playing puzzles is a kind of mental exercise. Also, it evaporate out the stress and a great meditation process for the brain. They act as a tranquilizer.

In this article, we shall learn about some of the Best puzzles for Dementia patients that must be practiced to keep this disorder (dementia) away. Let’s have a look:

  • 48-piece puzzles:48-piece puzzles is a simple, yet smart way of stimulating the brain and its senses. It enhances brain performance and inculcates active sensation in the brain. 48-piece puzzle is highly productive for those who are in their early stage of dementia. It almost prevent it (dementia) to extend and almost cures the said disorder. It will be better if the puzzle contains important elements related to the patient like the face of relatives and acquaintances, names of the different people, residential address and so on.
  • Four-piece puzzles: Four-piece puzzles are another efficient puzzles for dementia patients. It improves the patient’s cognitive skills, the problem-solving capacity of his/her mind, social behavior; provides a better hand and eye coordination, fine motor development; and; eventually, renders bonafide self-esteem and confidence. All these form a robust barrier against dementia. While solving a puzzle, a core connection is established between the brain cells. This speeds up the performance and efficacy and proves beneficial in treating short-term memory issues.
  • Jigsaw puzzles: A jigsaw puzzle consists of various small individual pieces that need to be attached perfectly. While solving a jigsaw puzzle, you have to pick the right pieces to fit into the right place. This tends both left and right side of your brain to act actively. The left brain is logical and acts in a linear model and the right brain is creative and intuitive. At the same time, the whole procedure improves your visual abilities, improves coordination and memory, leverage creativity, develops critical thinking and stimulates the overall brain function. It also increases dopamine production in the brain. Dopamine plays a crucial role in carrying various executive functions such as motor control, motivation, arousal, reinforcement, and reward, along with lower-level functions like lactation, sexual gratification, and nausea.
  • Sudoku: Playing Sudoku helps in preventing the memory loss caused due to increasing age, or dementia. Playing Sudoku activates the synapses of the whole brain and stimulates the hippocampus. Hippocampus is the memory building zone of the brain. Researches reveal that the regular practice of Sudoku enhances the production of acetylcholine, the effective neurotransmitter required for learning and memory functions. It also supports the process of neuroplasticity. As an outcome, the patient will experience a better memorizing ability, even at an elderly age.
  • Crosswords: Crosswords are creative way of improving brain function and memory. It keeps your mind protected from dementia. It improves brain IQ too. At the same time, it strongly acts as the antioxidant to your brain and substantially keeps it young and smart. It lets your memory part of the brain to reinforce and recollect the stuffs that you may have learned in the past. However, if you haven’t learned anything, it prevails the curiosity inside the brain cells to explore and know about the same. This curious feeling is highly essential for better mental development.

As we all know that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Thus, try to practice or play these witty puzzles to keep yourself always young and sharp by the mind. Apart from playing puzzles, there are different other organizational activities too that help you to remain aloof from dementia. These activities include cooking, baking, painting, knitting, sewing, crafting something creative, (like pottery, making beautiful gifting stuffs and so on), reading books, watching entertaining stuff and a lot more. In short, doing anything that is productive and keeps your mind working and engaged organizationally, helps you to fight against dementia or prevent dementia.

Best DIY Ideas For Puzzle Day Celebration

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29th January is celebrated as National Puzzle Day. It helps the best for the children as these puzzles develop the memory and solving skills which are much needed in childhood for kids. There are so many wonderful puzzles that are there from toddlers to teens that can help in developing the brain of the kids. Puzzles also help to learn forms and shapes as well as spaces to the little ones. They can be used to learn coordination and to develop fine motor skills even puzzles can use to help to learn determination and patience in toddlers as well as in teens. Some of the puzzles require upcycled materials like cereal boxes and some use craft supplies. They are very easy to make and it helps the children to develop skills which are much needed in that age. More than entertainment and fun, playing puzzles will also have many health benefits  

Top 10 National Puzzle day gifts ideas DIY:

  • Geometric Refrigerator Magnets – This is a fun Kitchen game and with these magnet puzzles, dinner cooks
  • Heart Number Puzzles – This is the best puzzle for couples celebrating valentine’s day as well learning a little math also
  • Crazy Creature Magnets – It helps the children in school in arts activity with this crazy magnet made of pieces of puzzles
  • Puzzle Piece Frame – This puzzle makes the homemade gift which is the best gift for any occasion, particularly for couples day like valentine day
  • Craft Stick Puzzles – This can be used with the favorite greeting card, patterned paper, photo, or their drawing, children can create their personalized puzzle according to them to solve again and again
  • Chalkboard Painted Block Puzzle – It doubles the fun as these puzzles are chalkboard painted blocks by which kids can draw and re-draw different puzzles designs with the different colored chalks
  • Felt Tangrams – This Felt tangram is the best way to teach the kids basic math concepts with different types of shapes as well as colors and matching
  • Gift Puzzle Box – This gift puzzle box is perfect for gifting occasions as well birthdays to valentine’s day everything
  • Poster Board Puzzles – For the little ones this poster board puzzles are best in rainy- day indoor activity
  • Paper Plate Fraction Puzzles – These are so fun to make. It also teaches the fraction part to the kids at the same time without realizing that they are learning something

4 Ways to Celebrate National Puzzle Day:

Plan a Family Puzzle Night – This could be a wonderful activity for the whole family. This is the way to get together. It can help each person in the family to give each person their puzzle for challenges for other individuals in the family

Challenge Yourself With a Higher Piece Count – Take it to the next step if you get comfortable at a certain level in puzzle-like explore to one thousand counts from five hundred counts

Mount and Frame a Puzzle For the First Time – Images in the puzzles are amazing pieces of art from scenes of classic to Americana to wonderous landscapes of Thomas Kinkade. So there is no better way to preserve your hard work and to hang it to in your home also it requires only a few things like foam board, craft glue, clear space to work, and a frame

Treat Yourself – Puzzles are unique gifts and are fantastic that can be enjoyed many times but to treat something new there is a national puzzle day

Benefits of National Puzzle day gifts ideas DIY:

  • Puzzle Games enhance the ability to understand the whole-part relationship and to visualize it in the kids or little ones and adults, it improves the vocabulary, spelling, language skills, and research skills
  • By changing the difficulty level puzzle games will increase the attention span in both children and adults in the challenge
  • Puzzles games will help in to learn how to share, lead, coordinate, and follow other players
  • Puzzle educates both children and adults by improving the spelling and language skills, research skills, reasoning ability, the power of creative abilities and concentration
  • Puzzle games force the kids or players to use the memory, spatial imagery, general knowledge, logic, and problem-solving skills to solve the puzzles. Hence the (IQ) level of the player. is increased


Puzzles are in different forms like they can be in Crossword Puzzles, Jigsaw, Word Search, Anagrams, Rubik’s Cube, and Sudoku. Games like Anagrams, Crossword Puzzles, and Word Search are very helpful in increasing the language skills and vocabulary of the person. On the other hand, games like Rubik’s Cake and Sudoku are very useful in developing logical thinking and mathematical skills. Whereas, Jigsaws will help increase the Patience Skills and Visual of human beings. So before a person can put into work National Puzzle Day is the best day to play puzzles whether it is a word search, jigsaw, crossword, or anything

National Puzzle Day Quotes

Quotes For National Puzzle Day

Well, We All Know That On Every 29 January We celebrate National Puzzle Day. As a team of National Puzzle Day 2020, We are Celebrating it with people around the globe and also let people know about what is national puzzle day,

We always think sharing love this national puzzle day will help you understand wy puzzle are important in life, and there is also a thing day many people don’t know how to celebrate it.

Then you can enjoy national puzzle day with your friends family and relatives by solving a puzzle. if you are a puzzle solver then we have some free puzzle for you don’t miss the opportunity to solve the puzzle.

Quotes are the good ways to express your feeling on the Internet, Here are Quotes which you would love to share this national puzzle day.

Best Top 10 National Puzzle Day Quotes

“Puzzle is like Cheese… Just As You Always Wanted to Have A Taste. Add Taste To Your Life. Happy Puzzle Day”

” Puzzle is sum up of Your Life, As Solving Depression, Hatred, Love, Drame in Your Life, You are the actual Puzzle Solver” Happy National Puzzle Day

” The Real Fighter are those who solve a puzzle every day” Happy National Puzzle Day

“Solving Puzzle Sharpen Your Brain and Memory, So Keep Solving Happy Puzzle Day”

Best Top 20 National Puzzle Day Inspirational Quotes

Life is a puzzle, Which You Can’t able to solve until you see the full Scenario.

The Great thing is we are born with the brain, which can help us to solve the puzzle.

Solving Life Mystery is just Like Solving Life Puzzle

That Puzzle which makes you think again and again is the only mystery where your life needs to be sorted.

Try to find the piece you need to see in your self, and This Puzzle Day

Find people who fit in your life, same like a puzzle where we put right jigsaw at the right place.

Sometimes you need time to solve a problem. Same as a puzzle.

The purpose of your life is just a jigsaw puzzle.

The best is a little puzzle piece is as much important that you can’t ignore.

Understanding the way of living is just like solving a puzzle.

This Puzzle day finds a new puzzle in life and tries to solve it.

Never lose hope; remember every problem has a solution same as a puzzle.

If you think you are wasting your time, Then Solve Puzzle and make your brain works fine.

Connecting life form till now is just like solving a puzzle.

The puzzle is like a family where parents are a vital part of it.

The Day you stop thinking, Is the Day you stop Solving Puzzle-solving

Puzzle is not easy you have to make your brain and bodywork as one.

Parents are like a hint in the puzzle

The Only Support You have in Life is Parents, Same as Hint in Puzzle.

Its always require hard work and patience to solve a puzzle.

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FREE Puzzles — In honour of National Puzzle Day, throughout January we’ll be offering absolutely free puzzles for your taking. It seems almost too good to be true. However, it is not! If you love a fantastic mind winding moment, then be sure that you check back here to find out all of the latest downloads available.

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How Do I Play also?

Obviously, we would like you to have a fantastic time with family and friends, so don’t be afraid to share these fascinating puzzles as you desire. We’ll be adding the various puzzles so return and play them whenever you’ve got a moment!

What’s the ideal age for the completely free puzzles?

Fantastic for children, adults, classrooms & even classes. Totally free puzzles are only an excellent way to unwind, love and sharpen your thoughts abilities. In the event the puzzles are too complicated, no sweat, try out another one? Too simple? May we point out it is because you’re so smart that it was not a large enough challenge? (Do try some other.)

Can I discuss those National Puzzle Day free puzzles with other people?

Additionally, you can forward the PDF to coworkers, family and friends so that they can play also. Nonetheless, these puzzles can not be marketed, put to a publication or set (electronically or on paper) without written consent.

Easy-peasy The National Puzzle Day creator, Jodi Jill, has assembled all of the puzzles which are being published. As a founder of distinct word matches, she has opted to put a ton of problems for individuals to enjoy in their leisure.

As a syndicated Knowledge provider, most of us assume she will be putting up a number of her very best puzzles to discuss. Imagine if I do not need to wait for the Free Puzzles?

If you’re itching to begin playing, can we recommend that you download it and play it with friends family and relatives



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Invite your friend and family for the puzzle night party and solve the puzzle with them.  4 ways to celebrate national puzzle day